Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness App Reviews

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I've been doing the guides for almost two years, so I gladly paid for the app. For a week now I've been unable to even open the app, because it keeps on crashing. I believe that if I'm already paying 19 dollars to use an app, at least I should be able to open it. Or at least get some explanation somwhere

The best !!!

The perfect training program


Why? Because its written its free and its not free. Voila et au revoir...

Love this app

Saw and felt the difference after just 1 week... Role on week 2 tomorrow xx

Amazing fitness app

Follow your daily fitness routine with this app, results follow and you feel WOW!


This app is amazing! It has everything we need: the workouts, the timer, the meals planned for the week, groceries list for the week, tool to compare progress pics... And it is so beautiful and easy to use. A great tool to have it all organized for you to follow and keep progress on your healthy choices journey. Before this I consider myself a BBG girl, as I had the pdf version for BBG 1.0 and had gone through a few weeks. What is also amazing is that Kayla allowed the owners of pdf a like me - to get the first 12 weeks for 1 dollar. I fully support her as she encourages us to be a better version of ourselves in a healthy way. No magic, you have to do the exercises and make good food choices. She supports you along this journey. Great creator Kayla, great app, great BBG community!

Paid App

Be careful with the charges on your iTunes Store! They will charge you 19,99 US$ after one week!! And doesnt matter if you uninstall the app.. Youve to do the cancellation on your iTunes Store.

Great but needs some improvements

Love the app but have to agree that $19,99 is too much. Anyway, I suggest that it would be better if we could see the workout 2 weeks ahead to plan ourselves better. Also, it would be nice if I could choose my week to start on Sundays and not only on Mondays and use it offline without problems.

Amazing app!

I do not live without this app! It has changed my lifestyle for good, I exercise everyday, my body has changed and I eat healthy ;) I super recommend!


This program is SO GREAT! Ive change my lifestyle and now I feel so much better with myself and the world!

Very good

Very good!


Its changing my life!

Love it but need some improvements

I love the App!! Love the exercises, and everything from Kayla! I think the App would be better if I could choose myself the language. Before the App was available in Portuguese, I had it in English and already knew the name of every exercise. After the update, since my App account is from Brazil, Apple doesnt Let me download the App in English. If I use the web version, I can change it and it all appears in English, but not in the App.. Hope they can improve that for the next update. Another thing that would ve awesome is, like the food planning we can see one week in advance, If we could see the exercises/challenges for the next week To help planning when travelling Or something.. I would love that! One more suggestion is to have like a database for all the recipes. I dont save them and each week it changes, so if I want To repeat, I could be able To search it. I would like To Thank Kayla, Tobi and all the crew for such an amazing and challenging thing they do for us.

buggy version but great app in general

this version is really buggy- switched off 4 times during my Liss training - so I couldnt rely on it and just tries to remember when i started on my own. Thats a pitty.

Server problems

Hope this problem passes fast but starting motivated and then the app seems to have major server problems, calendar not opening nor tips and pictures can not be saved.

Love it!

I started with the books and now Im using the app. Its totally worth the money, is super detailed and if you stick to the plan it really works! :)

I Love the SWK App

The app is awesome. Keeps me motivated - challenge me. First time i stuck to it ... !!! I just wish that the "extra" Trainings like the OlympiaTrainings on Kaylas site would also be available in the App

Lack of customer support

Great concept and workouts, but the app has too many bugs to justify the price tag. Theres little technical support, and technical issues bugs are addressed via Instagram and not the app itself. The app creators will delete (constructive) negative feedback from the Instagram page.

Loving It

Im really enjoying continuing the use of this app. Im on the second round of my fourth week (went to week 12 then restarted) and Im noticing so much change! Eating plan is good too but can get boring after a while (only 4 weeks of recipes).


Got it only for the Tapjoy points and the app doesnt even work. 10/10 Straight trash

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