Sweat: Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Fitness Workouts App Reviews

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I've been doing the guides for almost two years, so I gladly paid for the app. For a week now I've been unable to even open the app, because it keeps on crashing. I believe that if I'm already paying 19 dollars to use an app, at least I should be able to open it. Or at least get some explanation somwhere


This is an absolute scam will charge your credit card even after you change the settings for the app and delete the app do not download!

Its worth it... for me.

I have tried a few different workout routines. Ive tried the "Tone It Up" program, Ive tried the "fitgirlsguide" program but they didnt really work for me. So I said whatever Ill give this one a go. Im on week 3 and Ive already noticed a change in my body. Im average build and a little puffy, but have always ate decently. It was my workouts that really brought me down. Im not saying that this is going to be it for you the one that really changes you, but it was for me. I couldnt be happier! The app itself needs a little improvement. The planner is frustrating and the information section could use an update, but the workout section is perfect which is what I need it for!

Phone app doesnt work

I love the BBG program but the past few updates have really affected my ability to do a workout from the phone app. Currently, the app wont progress from circuit 1 to circuit 2 so the workouts send you to cool down too early and you dont get credit for the workout. Its disappointing to say the least because it used to work great. On a side note: the app works great from Apple Watch and is my only saving grace to complete workouts. You definitely need to hotfix the circuit progression issue.

I Love the SWK App

The app is awesome. Keeps me motivated - challenge me. First time i stuck to it ... !!! I just wish that the "extra" Trainings like the OlympiaTrainings on Kaylas site would also be available in the App

What a scam

I made the mistake to start a trial just to check out this app. After cancelling on time through the app, I was charged a $19.99 fee. I emailed customer service who refuses to refund my money. The cancellation function on the app clearly doesnt work and this company doesnt have the decency to refund me. I do not recommend dealing with this company to anybody.

Great workouts and great customer service

Had some issues with the app but Ill say that the workouts are great and the customer service its pretty good too. Worth it if you dont have a gym:)

Love it! Better than a gym membership!

I love this because I can take this with me ANYWHERE! I can workout at home, at the park, at a friends house, etc. it is convenient and keeps me on a plan. Its challenging but thats a good thing! The only improvements I would recommend is that it keep a record of all your workouts and meals and water intake instead of starting new every week. Would also like to customize the meal plans as well.

Too expensive

For someone who has the exact same program in iBooks, I would have liked this to be a little less expensive. I wont pay $5 a week for the convenience. Would be nice to have a better deal.

Watch App Crashes and Phone App loses Data

Overall the program is totally worth the subscription, even though I travel for work and cant use the food planning. I believe the workouts are wonderful and having something to keep you accountable with progress photos is ideal. Ive taken 4 photos and updated them to the app, every time they somehow get removed. Thats fine I save them to my photos now instead. My biggest issue is that the Apple Watch app crashes every time I try to use it, and I lose all the data when I workout.

It works!

I only use this for the circuit training, since I follow a paleo diet, but its an incredible workout tool. Ive never been able to stick to any resistance workout before. I thought I didnt like it. Now I cant wait to get to my next workout. I even love the soreness that comes after. I love that the app progresses with you, taking you from complete lazy butt to super fit. Update: Ive been using the app for 4 months now and Im so in love with it. I have a new body!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how strong I am or that I have ABS(!). I have never loved a workout as much as I love this one. Check out the hashtag #bbg on Instagram to see peoples transformations from using this program. Its incredibly motivating.


Its not free. 7 day free trial for $20 is the start of it all. I dont even think most gyms require that, A MONTH!!

Sweat app

I agree that this app has lots of glitches. I enjoy the variety of workouts, however as a beginner, the workouts progress from doable to extremely difficult very quickly. It might be nice to have a set of work outs geared towards beginners that progress a little slower & then a set for the more advanced group. The workout also require that you have a lot of equipment that I dont own. You almost need a gym membership on top of the month subscription.

Just love!

The bbg community on Instagram is AWESOME! This app is so great!


Ive been using the sweat with Kayla app for 39 weeks now and could not be happier! Ive never had any problems and its super convenient.

Sweat it out

I have been using the sweat app since April and have yet to give up on it. Kayla has created work outs that are fun but challenging and intense. Its so easy to squeeze the resistance workouts in since theyre only 28min. The app works extremely well; provides 3 resistance workouts, 3-4 days of cardio, rehabilitation through guided foam roller workouts and the occasional challenges. The app allows you to track your water intake, keeps track and times your workouts, provides you with weekly meal plans to follow that ensure you are getting the best results, has education on the program, breaks down each work out and offers photos to follow to ensure proper form. Overall I love bbg and the community. Everyone is extremely positive and willing to offer support. Only downfall is the $55 payment every 3 months for the app.


I cant say enough about how great this app is. Not only does it better you physically, mentally I became more confident and at ease with my body! ❤️❤️❤️

Not worth it. Dont download

Price is ridiculous for what you get in the app.


The app is absolutely amazing! The workouts are intense, always changing and increasing in intensity. Its like having your own personal trainer! I will continue to use this and I dont see an end in sight!! However, there are two things I wish they would fix: 1. The HIIT buzzer isnt loud enough and doesnt buzz when my music is playing. I have to use a separate tabata app on HIIT days. 2. This one is my biggest issue!!! The app wont let you refer back to older workouts. If this is going to be the case, there should be an option to pause the plan. I had 2 weeks in the 16 weeks Ive been doing this that life was too hectic to get in all of my workouts and I just lost those weeks.

This app keeps me accountable!

5 stars

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